Printing with PrintWhere (Printer tab)

To print your document with PrintWhere, create a document as usual and use PrintWhere as you would any other printer.

For first time use, you will be asked to Configure PrintWhere with your Membership information.

To print a document using PrintWhere:

  1. When you are ready to print the document, choose File>Print in the application to open the Print dialog box. From the Printer Name list, choose Internet PrintWhere.   

  2. Click the Properties (or Preferences) button. The PrintWhere window opens.

    se the settings in the Printer tab to specify the printer you are sending your document to, or to Find a Printer in the printer Directory. You can also see additional Details about the selected printer.

  3. Choose a printer by entering the Printer ID or selecting a recently used printer from your list, or by finding a printer in the Directory. If you have a PrinterOn Gold Membership for faxing, you can also enter a fax number.

  4. Select your other printing options:

  1. Confirm the settings by clicking OK. Then click OK in the Print dialog box.

Note: if Internet PrintWhere is your default printer setting, the Print button in your application will print your document to the last address you printed to.

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